This is a quick page made for downloading miners.

Linux Help (Emulate windows for miner)

Install wine 1.7.2+ on Ubuntu/Linux Mint
Install wine 1.7.2+ on Red Hat, Centos and Fedora
Github source ported to Linux by clintar

ypool.net XPM Miners (Recommended Pool)

jhPrimeminer T17v12
Updated 01/28/2014 @ 10:00 MST, if you have older version, please update.
Updates include: KeepAlive Ping! Additional changes in README.txt
jhPrimeminer T18v3 (Recommended)
Updated 03/06/2014 @ 10:00 MST.
Updates include: STABILITY! Donations built in and Additional changes in README.txt

gpool.net XPM Miners (Recommended Alternative Pool)

gpoolMiner T17v8

Candypool.net XPM Miners (Alternative Pool)

candyMiner T17v12

rpool.net XPM Miners (Not Recommended)

rPoolMiner T17 (7 Target)
rPoolMiner T17 (8 Target)

ypool.net MTC Miner (Recommended Pool)

xptMiner 1.12
MTC GPU xptMiner 1.5

Donation Addresses

If you have found my miners to help, please donate to any of the following addresses.
Thank you, AeroCloud

XPM: AFv6FpGBqzGUW8puYzitUwZKjSHKczmteY
BTC: 1Btqu2HjBmzdwgF98E97ArJLmqBBXeSbpT
PTS: PtNDjXdcf8bPwgZvhscQE2GfwSVJZUkRyK
DOGE: DSzvxPBGd4hzq2feyVumMRUQTP9EacttiX